Catch up time

I’ve been less than diligent in keeping the blog current over the past two weeks, so it’s time to play catch-up in a “lightning round” format, with a firing off of random thoughts that follow no pattern whatsoever.  Sports related or not, as I see it….


*****Navarro proves that in the age of the spread offense, there’s still a place for smash-mouth football.  These guys execute coach Les Goad’s ‘Slot-T’ rushing attack to perfection. 

What was the line Denzel Washington’s character used in regard to the old Split Veer offense in “Remember the Titans”?  Something akin to “It’s like novacaine…give it time, it always works.” 

It applies to the Slot-T as well, and it certainly applied when the Panthers pulled away from Comfort on Friday in their 41-7 bi-district playoff win. 

It was a 7-6 game at halftime, and the Bobcats seemed to have a handle on Navarro’s running game. 

But the Panthers’ offensive line and workhorse back Jacob Garcia kept pounding away, and next thing you know, it’s 41-7 and Navarro has over 300 rushing yards. 

Patience, persistence, and faith in the system are marks of championship teams.  Navarro vs. Altair-Rice in this week’s regional semifinal will be a matchup of two such teams.   


*****Seguin no doubt had a tough year, but there are 4A districts in this state in which the Matadors would have been a playoff team this season.  27-4A just happens to be the most unforgiving gauntlet a 4A team can play in. 

Did you happen to check the bi-district playoff scores in games involving 27-4A and 28-4A teams? 

Those teams from District 28 got blown out by much wider margins than the non-playoff teams in District 27 did against Steele, Kerrville-Tivy, Alamo Heights, and Clemens. 

Add New Braunfels-Canyon and Boerne-Champion to the list of teams that would wipe the field with an opponent like Jefferson or Burbank, and add Seguin and San Marcos to the list of teams who would beat any team from District 28 soundly.  


*****On the subject of the Matadors, you had to enjoy watching D’Shawn Singletary play football this year. 

He topped the 1,000-yard mark in receiving yards, he played hurt, and he played both ways when the defense needed him to (a rarity at the 4A and 5A level). 

Tip of the cap to Wayne Clemons for going both ways as well when needed. 

But back to Singletary…He’s not only a superb athlete, but his coaches will tell you he’s the kind of kid who will run through a brick wall if you ask him to.  His soccer coach, Ed Perry, says the same. 

Always fun to see a kid with great physical tools maximize those gifts with a work ethic to match. 


*****Tough-luck finish to the season for Marion.  The Bulldogs showed DRAMATIC improvement under 2nd year head coach Glenn Davis, going from 1-9 in 2007 to 6-4 this season. 

They missed the playoffs by virtue of a 41-40 loss to Poteet in the final game of the season, and a controversial decision by a member of the officiating crew in that game certainly didn’t help matters. 

On a return in which a Poteet player was tackled in the end-zone for an apparent safety, the Aggies were flagged for a block in the back.  Obviously, Marion wanted to decline the penalty and take the result of the play and the two points. 

The official ignored that request, enforced the penalty, and it cost the Bulldogs two points and a possession that were rightfully theirs.  How does this happen in this day and age? 

That debacle notwithstanding, the Bulldogs should be proud of what they accomplished this season.  With Jordan Littlefield throwing it, Curtis Davis catching it, Keith Carter running it, Taylor Greene doing both, and a bevy of other players playing solid football, Marion was a fun team to watch. 

And a player to watch next year that caught our eye in the two Marion games we broadcast?  Sean Hessler.  A sophomore who was a starting d-back & backup QB, Hessler really impressed with his athletic ability & football instincts this season.  He’s got a bright future ahead. 


*****Message to competent golfers who see me on the course or get put into a foursome with me:  I don’t want your &*^%$#* advice. 

I know my swing stinks, and I know my game is weak.  I’ve been playing for less than two years, I’m not a very good athlete, and I’m too cheap to pay for lessons, so how in the world could I possibly be any good at a game that’s so difficult? 

Giving me a lesson in the middle of a round will decisively NOT help my chances of carding a better score.  I’m just trying to have fun, and I always see somebody out there way worse than me worm-burning his way along the course 80 yards at a time, so that’s the guy you’re after. 

So for all you Harvey Penick wannabes – leave me the &^%* alone.  People take themselves way too seriously on the golf course, and my poor fundamentals are none of your business.

Sorry…had to vent on that topic…enjoyment of my last round was severely hampered by an unsolicited “teacher” that I got thrown in a group with.   


*****Sign of the apocalypse:  Texas A&M fans are complaining on internet message boards that BAYLOR is classless for…get this…RUNNING UP THE SCORE against the Aggies in the Bears’ 41-21 win over A&M on Saturday (the Ags had to score two late touchdowns to make it that close). 

So let me get this straight…the poor, underpriveleged A&M program is supposed to expect mercy from that traditional football juggernaut BAYLOR?  That’s downright comical. 

Nothing against A&M…I know plenty of die-hard Aggie fans around here who are disgusted with the way things are going right now in College Station and point the finger at the administration who hired Fran and then Mike Sherman, not those mean old Baylor Bears, for the football program’s current state of disarray. 

But let’s all raise a glass and down our beverage of choice in a toast to Mike Andrews.  Dude – your alma mater has actually been accused of RUNNING UP THE SCORE against A&M!  That’s got to be some kind of “rite of passage” into big-time college football, right?  Party time!

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2 Responses to “Catch up time”

  1. Mike Andrews Says:

    Baylor running up the score on the Aggies? How soon the Farmers forget. Just five years ago, the Aggies scored over 70 on Baylor including throwing an 80 yard TD for the final score.

    I was at the Baylor – Aggies game last weekend, and yes I raised my glass/flask numerous times.

    To sum up the feelings of most Aggies, I found this mini Haiku on the Aggie fan Board:

    Obama elected – check.
    Texas Tech leading the Big 12 and up for BCS – check.
    Baylor whipping my Aggies – check.
    It is official – I am in Hell.

  2. megaubrey Says:

    HAHAHAH that is the best Haiku I have ever heard…… Im putting that one up at the Gold’s gym s in college station.

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