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I second that!

October 30, 2008

Our GM Hal Widsten expressed his thoughts on the behavior of some of the fans at Matador football games in his blog  this week. 

I second Hal’s opinion on this matter. 

Now, let me preface by saying this:  My broadcast partner Mike Andrews and I are wearing headsets & doing a live play-by-play broadcast during Seguin football games, so we never really get to hear what people are saying in the stands…we filter out the crowd noise, focus on the game, and pay attention to what we’re saying to each other.  And from my understanding, we’re just talking about a few bad apples here…the vast majority of Matador fans, from my experience over the past three years, are extremely supportive and remain very positive at all times at Seguin High School sporting events, even when things aren’t going well for the home team.  So know before I proceed that this is not at all an indictment on the Matador fan base at large, but rather – as I said above – a few bad apples.

But the bad apples need to be tossed out of the barrell.  No reasonable, responsible, mature adult ever shows up at a high school sporting event and allows his or herself to yell venemous words of criticism at high school athletes.  Ever.  Fact.  Period.  It’s inappropriate and unacceptable behavior 100% of the time.  

Regardless the sport, high-school athletes put themselves through a level of voluntary physical exertion and exhaustion in preparing for a season that 90% of the world’s population could never dream to relate to.  And 90% of the people who yell words of criticism at those athletes couldn’t run a lap around their living rooms without coughing up a lung…or a cheeseburger (which, come to think of it, is beside the point –  the genetic fusion of Lance Armstrong and Michael Jordan would be no more justified in yelling critical words at high school athletes).

And it’s irrelevant that your kid is playing well and another kid is not.  Some kids are more talented, bigger, faster, and stronger than others.  Part of life.  Doesn’t always mean they’re working any harder.  And on the rare occasion that another kid might not be giving 100%, it’s not for you to point out at the top of your lungs with a few thousand others sitting around you.

If the team is having a disappointing game or season, it’s okay to be disappointed, but it’s NOT okay to criticize the kids.  And believe me, those kids are hurting a LOT more than you are after a bad play or loss, because they invested a LOT more than you did into trying to win that game. 

You want to curse and criticize the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday when it looks like millionaires are giving a half-hearted effort and not doing their jobs?  Fine…that’s a working condition those guys accept as part of the exchange for all that money when they sign on to become professional athletes. 

But at a high-school sporting event?  Paint a smile on your face, be positive, and cheer for the guys and girls out there representing whatever school you’re a fan of the next time you’re in attendance.  Having played high school sports, with a sister who also played high school sports, in a house with a dad who coached and still coaches high school sports, this just happens to be a subject on which my opinion is not real flexible.


Seguin volleyball season in the books

October 29, 2008

As it turns out, Seguin is the only area volleyball team that didn’t qualify for the playoffs in 2008, but make no mistake about it – the Matadors again showed dramatic progress as a program under second-year head coach Robin Gerlich. 

Many would argue that Seguin’s current District 27-4A is deeper and more competitive top-to-bottom than the old District 25-5A it competed in the past two seasons (we’re going to sound like a broken record as we keep saying that for all sports throughout the school year, but that seem’s to be the prevailing opinion). 

With last season’s top offensive weapon, Emily Cheek, now playing Division I college volleyball at Loyola-Marymount, and with only two seniors on this year’s team, the Matadors still posted a strong 23-15 record and missed qualifying for the playoffs out of that ultra-tough district by a few bounces of the ball in the second-to-last match of the season.  Ask any coach of any team Seguin faced this year, and they’ll tell you this:  if you beat the Matadors, you had to work like heck to earn that win.

Seniors Marcia Sagebiel and Shelby Kauitzsch will be missed, but the Matadors return their statistical leaders in just about every category.  This is off the top of my head, and not meant to leave anybody out, but just look at the nucleus of talent next year’s team will be built around – a dominant outside hitter in Alex Bothe, a sure-handed and highly skilled setter in Kelly Koenig, an explosive athlete at the net in Marquisha Matthews, a cat-quick defensive specialist in Megan Roy, and a versatile, all-around player who does a little bit of everything in Brooke Abrameit.  

The 2009 season is a long way off, but Seguin volleyball fans will have a lot to be excited about when it arrives.

Spurs opener tonight

October 29, 2008

Is the NBA season really here already?  Didn’t Boston JUST get finished wiping the floor with the Lakers in the Finals?  How can it be 40 degrees this morning, and where in the heck did my summer go? 

Ready or not, basketball is here, and the Spurs open the ’08-’09 campaign tonight with a home game against Phoenix.  Shaq says Pop committed a “cowardly” act with his “Hack-a-Shaq” ploy in last spring’s playoff series, and he’s vowed to get payback by knocking down his free throws when the teams meet again.  The bet here is that Pop won’t ever utter the words “Man…I wish I hadn’t done that.”

Interesting season ahead for the Spurs.  If Ginobili can get healthy and look like the Manu of old, then they’re still contenders to reach the Finals.  Problem is, basketball teams and players don’t typically become LESS injury prone the older they get.  You can be sure Pop will manage minutes during the regular season so that his veterans have fresh legs in the playoffs.  The problem with that is a potentially low playoff seed in a super-competitive West, and winning series after series without home court advantage isn’t exactly a tried and true recipe for reaching the Finals. 

My pick in the West is the Lakers (I know…real original thought, huh?…probably haven’t heard that from anybody else, have you?)  Moving Pau Gasol to power forward, alongside a healthy Andrew Bynum at center, with Lamar Odom backing up both off the bench gives their front line a more imposing look than last spring’s less than physical edition (which was, by the way, still good enough to reach the Finals.)  At last check, that #24 guy playing shooting guard is still a serviceable player, and their backcourt depth is impressive. 

Until Manu returns, it’s the Timmy & Tony show in San Antonio.

The initial plunge

October 28, 2008

Allright…here’s the initial plunge into the blogosphere.  Of course, Sennett & I will comment from time to time on local high school & TLU sports on these pages, but it’s always touchy getting too opinionated on those subjects, since – you know – we run into the players, coaches, and their families around town on a daily basis.  We do hope to add a few tidbits garnered from our coverage that regular press space in the Seguin Daily News and air time on KWED limit us from getting into.   

The Cowboys, Spurs, and Big-12 teams, on the other hand, are a different matter entirely.  I’m not going to run into Brad Johnson’s mom any time soon, so I don’t have any problem writing that I think it’s a crime he’s still collecting an NFL paycheck.  A 40-year old who can’t throw the ball more than 15 yards in the air is the best possible backup QB for an offense that sends T.O., Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton, and Jason Whitten out into pass routes?  Really? 

Sennett has mentioned that he’ll try to keep somewhat of a travel log, complete with food recommendations, on his blog.  That’s a great idea – I’ll try to do the same, as broadcasting high school sports & Little League have taken me to many towns I never would have visited otherwise over the past few years.  Toying with the idia of giving sporadic updates on the otherworldly disaster that’s otherwise known as my golf game.  Hey…I have to vent somehwere, and I’m too cheap to take lessons, so maybe it will yield some free advice!  I’m feeling emotional anguish right now just thinking about my last round.  

So there’s the initial plunge into the blogosphere.  Let’s see where it takes us.