Ready to broadcast some volleyball

With Seguin advacing to the 4A state volleyball tournament in San Marcos this week, I will be doing volleyball play-by-play on the radio for the first time in my eight-year broadcasting career. 

The football, basketball, baseball, and softball games I’ve called over the course of eight years and four markets (Denton, TX…Durant, Oklahoma…New Orleans…Seguin) number somewhere in the hundreds – in each sport. 

But in this part of the country, volleyball on the radio just isn’t that commonplace.  It’s so rare that it wasn’t even taught to me by my mentor, Texas Radio Hall of Famer Bill Mercer, in broadcasting school at North Texas.  My KWED sports compadre Sennett Rockers never learned it in broadcasting school at KU either.  

It is more commonplace to find volleyball on the radio further north, in the Midwest, but in most markets, the time commitment to broadcasting football (any station’s biggest sports money-maker in terms of advertising revenue) is so intense that volleyball often gets lost in the shuffle.  I’m not saying that’s right or fair – that’s just the economics of it.

In retrospect, I wish we could have found a way to broadast Seguin’s regional tournament matches, and it’s certainly something we’ll try to be more prepared to do in future seasons.  But we had already committed to do three football games (and received commitments from advertisers)  that were scheduled for that weekend far before Seguin’s volleyball playoff run, and had no choice but to honor those commitments. 

Anyway…broadcasting state tournament volleyball this week is something I’m really excited about.  It will be a challenge, but hopefully the basic play-by-play fundamentals of describing the action and keeping the score updated will take over and result in a quality broadcast. 

Tune into 1580-AM, or at 4:50 Thursday afternoon for pre-match coverage of Seguin vs. Canyon-Randall in the 4A state semifinals from San Marcos.  The opening serve is at 5 p.m.


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